Clary Cams 1 & 3 Are Temporarily Off Line

Clary Cams 1 & 3 Are Temporarily Off Line 🙁 My router is old and a bit flakey so earlier this week I bought and installed a new Asus WiFi6 router. What should have been a drop-in replacement turned out to take the better part of an afternoon to install and reconfigure the two Clary Cams 1 & 3 that live on my network (Clary Cam 2 lives on Dave Hodsdon’s network). They require static IP addresses and it turns out the new router just wasn’t happy with that arrangement, it kept giving the cameras new addresses, preventing remote access. It also wasn’t happy doing some of the other things I require of it so I returned the piece of junk to BestBuy today and picked up another Linksys (my preferred brand). Now I have to re-install and re-reconfigure Clary Cams 1 & 3 again. It shouldn’t take too long, it always goes faster the second time you have to do something 🙂