Maps Charts and Graphs

Also included in this gallery are links to various PDF files pertaining to Clary lake.

Data Associated with DEP’s September 2012 Bathymetric Survey of Clary Lake:

Beginning with Habitat Map Viewer is an on-line, interactive mapping application. The Map Viewer displays the most up-to-date BwH data and provides other mapping tools. Here are some maps I built using their map viewer showing Clary Lake and environs:

The Water Quality data sheet for Clary Lake MIDAS #5382 from the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program:

Additional information about Clary lake and it’s water quality monitors David Hodsdon and Jack Holland can be found on the VLMP site.

Surveys of the Clary Mill Property for a 1981 boundary dispute:

Survey of the Clary Lake dam for the Chase to Enos conveyance: