Clary Lake Parcel Map

I’ve added a Google Map showing Whitefield and Jefferson Parcels with names of property owners. I try to keep this information updated as properties change hands. If you see a discrepancy, holler!

The Parcel information is from the Maine Office of GIS and the owner information is from the CLA mailing list database. Clary Lake’s watershed includes Three Corner Pond’s 0.9 sq mile watershed bringing the total watershed area for Clary Lake to 9.57 sq. miles. Mapping of People, Family members, Property Owners, and Properties is imperfect at best and I’ve tried to associate people with their historical family properties. Almost but not all of our current Members are represented by blue dots on this map. A blue dot could represent none, one, or multiple CLA Members. Some Members don’t own property on or even near Clary Lake and their dots likely aren’t included.