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17 August 2021: Milfoil Returns to Cobbossee Lake

Variable Leaf Milfoil, Pleasant Pond, Litchfield Maine.

Eurasian Water-Milfoil was discovered in  Cobbossee Lake in 2018 (see our post dated August 8, 2018: “Invasive Milfoil Confirmed in Cobbosseecontee Lake“). The following year Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection treated several areas of the lake with an herbicide in an attempt to kill off the invasive plant. They were optimistic that the treatment would be successful because the infestation was limited (so they thought) to roughly an acre between the north shore and Island Park. Sadly, the following year Milfoil was again discovered in several areas adjacent to the original infestation, which is where this Central Maine Papers newspaper article picks up. Please read it! It paints an ugly but accurate picture of  the situation they’re facing trying to eradicate this unwanted aquatic plant: Continue reading

27 April 2020: Maine VA health care professionals deploy to New York City

Ms. Nora Hoesing (pictured at left) is one of the nurses headed for New York City to help out with the Coronavirus Pandemic and mentioned in this article. She bought a camp on Clary Lake a few years ago. I have never met her, but I sure look forward to meeting her some day and thanking her for her service. Good luck Nora!

Maine VA health care professionals deploy to New York City

12 August 2019: UPDATED Lincoln County News Article

The Lincoln County News finally posted on line an article about our Annual Meeting. It appears to be the same article, but with better pictures 🙂

Clary Lake Association Looks Into the Future

The Bangor Daily News also carried the story, as did the Nonprofit Quarterly who wrote this interesting promotional piece about the Clary Lake Association’s recent accomplishments:


Nonprofit, after Long-Sought Success, Adopts New Stewardship Role

These are exciting times!

30 March 2019: Fire Spreads to Multiple Buildings at N.C. Hunt Lumber

N.C. Hunt Lumber Company on Route 215 in Jefferson suffered a major loss due to fire that apparently started late last night. Fire crews from Jefferson and surrounding towns were still there this morning pumping water out of Clary Lake. Here’s an article from the online version of the Lincoln County News:

Fire Destroys Sawmill at N.C. Hunt Lumber in Jefferson, Business Plans to Rebuild

DSC_6269I stopped down this morning when I heard about the fire, and took the photograph at left of fire trucks pumping water out of Clary Lake. We have been planning for some time to install a dry fire hydrant at this location. Fortunately, the lake is almost full and they were able to get plenty of water or they might have lost more structures in the fire. 

NCHunt_Fire-03-30-2019Jack Holland sent me a the drone photo at left which I believe was taken by Mark Allen. You can clearly see the main sawmill structure and associated buildings are totally gone. It is amazing they didn’t lose more structures.

This is very unfortunate. Norman Hunt has donated generously to the Clary Lake Association in the past. We wish him the best of luck in rebuilding.

Central Maine Papers: Repairs to Whitefield’s Clary Lake Dam completed

There’s an article that appeared in the Sunday December 23rd Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel by Central Maine Papers staff writer Jessica Lowell about the Clary Lake dam and the Rubin/Ayer v. Smith/AQF lawsuit which went to trial last week. This latest article is factually accurate which is somewhat of a marvel even considering Ms. Lowell has been following the Clary Lake saga for a number of years.

Here’s an archived copy if you have trouble getting it off the Central Maine Papers website:

17 October 2018 Lincoln County News: Clary Lake Association Closes on Dam, Plans Repairs

There is a follow up article in the Lincoln County News in this week’s paper by staff writer Jessica Clifford. The only factual inaccuracy that jumps out at me is the article states “The association received the deed to the dam Friday, Oct. 12.” when in fact, the closing on the dam was the following Saturday morning:

Clary Lake Association Closes on Dam, Plans Repairs

Good article, though I had hoped they would publish our mailing address and website address and encourage people to donate money to help restore Clary Lake! It is after all a Great Pond, held in trust for the People of the State of Maine. It’s everyone’s lake. No worries, anyone interested in donating shouldn’t have any trouble finding us.

I’ll post a link to a locally archived copy in a while.

10 October 2018 Lincoln County News: Countdown On for Sale of Clary Lake Dam

A nice article in the Lincoln County News by staff reporter Jessica Clifford. It was going to be in last week’s paper but it got bumped:

Countdown On for Sale of Clary Lake Dam

The article states: “The covenants were established to prevent damage to the mill building from water flowing downstream.” We all know the real reason the covenants were placed on the dam property.

Here’s an archived copy:


28 September 2018 Central Maine Papers: Federal judge OKs Whitefield dam sale

Well that didn’t take long: yet another fine article in the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel by Staff Writer Jessica Lowell.

I find this comment amusing:

Paul Kelley said Friday after the ruling was announced that he doesn’t know “how things are playing out. I do know that parties are generally unhappy.”

I can count the parties that are “generally unhappy” with today’s ruling on the fingers of one hand and have a couple of fingers left over. Everyone else is VERY happy 🙂

A minor correction: the dam cost $80,000 not $32,500

Here’s a link to an archived copy of the article: