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September 2022 Water Level Chart Archived

9 Clary-Lake-Water-Level-September-2022

September 2022

I have archived the September 2022 Water Level Chart (at left). For the second month in a row we received a little more than the monthly average amount of rain though it wasn’t until the month was a little more than halfway over that the heavier rains finally arrived. This late influx of water allowed us to bring the lake up to a more reasonable level for the time of year We ended up receiving 4.08 inches of rain (normal is 3.84 inches). We’re now 1.14 inches ahead of normal for this date. Had the rain deficit we saw at the beginning of the month continued, we’d have ended the month with the lake level down around -2 feet. Instead, we’re more or less where we should be as we head into fall. We spent much of the summer with a lake level considerably lower than in the previous 3 years. We’re now more or less back to normal. This has allowed us to resume our dam management activities and on the 22nd we removed 4 stop logs in preparation for the winter drawdown. Continue reading

05 September 2022: Clary Water Quality Declining :(

20220904_103222-MediumYou might have noticed that Clary’s water has been getting cloudy. Sadly, it’s not just your imagination! Last Saturday afternoon Kelsie French and I went out for our twice-monthly water quality monitoring session and we recorded a secchi disk reading (a measure of water transparency) of 2.38m (7.8 feet), down from 3.15m (10.33 feet) two weeks earlier. The next day, Dave Knight  who was on CBI duty at the State boat launch, took the picture at left and sent it to me. I was not surprised. What the picture shows is dead  blue/green algae (cyanobacteria) which floats to the surface where it’s pushed around by wind and waves. Eventually it sinks to the bottom and decomposes. Less than an hour after he took this picture, the green stuff was gone. Technically, an algae bloom is defined as a secchi disk reading of 2m or less, though in my opinion, anything below 3 meters (9.8 feet) puts you in bloom territory and we’ve been there for a few weeks now. A little dead blue/green algae washes up every year and it’s nothing to be too concerned about, but this year we’re likely to see a good deal more than usual in the next few weeks. In other words, our water transparency is likely to deteriorate further before it starts to clear up later this fall. We’ll be taking another water sample for Phosphorus testing in two weeks and will be monitoring lake transparency weekly until this algae growth winds down. Keep an eye on our Water Quality Data page. Continue reading

August 2022 Water Level Chart Archived

8 Clary-Lake-Water-Level-August-2022I have archived the August 2022 Water Level Chart (at left). In August we finally got a reprieve from the drought conditions that have plagued us for the last 4 months. For the first time since April we received more than the average amount of monthly rainfall. All told, we received 3.93″ of rain, 0.6″ more than average. now shows us to be in Moderate Drought which is less droughty than previously, suggesting that ground water supplies are improving but are still somewhat depleted. My own rainfall records show us 0.90″ ahead for this date but that doesn’t speak to groundwater supplies. Continue reading

The Annual Meeting Happened

20220827_151547-MediumThe Clary Lake Association’s 2022 Annual Meeting happened, last Saturday at the Clary Lake dam. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. The weather was perfect, the meeting was well attended (we even had a quorum this time!) and the food, as usual, was excellent (the baked black crappie and the blueberry pies deserve special mention). Because of the raffle drawing, we didn’t have a main program this year. After introductions, the meeting started with review and acceptance of the 2021 Annual Meeting minutes followed by the Treasurer’s Report and Proposed budget. Elections next, only one spot open this year: Maggie Muth was voted in as a Board member for 3 years, replacing outgoing Board member Kelsie French. Next came the Program and Committee reports: the Annual Loon Count presented by Mary Gingrow-Shaw; the Loon Restoration Project presented by Eleanor Goldberg; the Dam Operations, Courtesy Boat Inspection, and Lake Water Quality Program reports presented by George Fergusson; the Program and Events Committee report presented by Margaret Fergusson; and an update on the Dry Hydrant presented by Steve Cowles. Numerous questions were asked and answered. The only new business was a short statement at the end by Thomas Vigue about his plan to petition the IF&W to stock Clary Lake with  Brown Trout. You’ll find a few more meeting pictures in the Spring/Summer 2022 photo gallery. Continue reading

Annual Meeting Ahead!


2019 Annual Meeting

The 2022 Annual Meeting of the Clary Lake Association is this coming Saturday, August 27th, at 2:00PM at the Clary Lake dam on Route 218 in Whitefield. The weather is supposed to be excellent. We’d like to start on-time so if you’re planning to join or renew your membership for the upcoming 2022/2023 Membership Year at the meeting, please arrive early! We’ll have a registration table setup by 12:30PM. Dues are $25 per member which entitles you to one vote on matters brought before the Membership. You can also signup or renew your membership online using our Secure Paypal gateway (our membership year runs from Annual Meeting to Annual Meeting). We’ll also be selling raffle tickets prior to the start of the meeting at 2PM. The raffle drawing will be held at the conclusion of the  business meeting. Here’s some additional information about our Summer 2022 Raffle. Continue reading

8 August 2022: Drought Deepens

The drought is getting worse. We’re now in Severe Drought, and the 1/2 inch of rain we received in yesterday’s squall, though welcome, actually did little to ease the dry conditions. A month ago we were in Moderate Drought (see: 8 July 2022: Moderate Drought). It’s only gotten worse. We’re supposed to get another 1/4 to 1/2 inch in the next couple of days but as welcome as it is, it won’t do much to relieve the extreme dry conditions; we need an extended period of slow soaking rains to replenish ground water supplies and relieve the parched earth. See for more information.

Banner Highlights

Usually the header image/banner on the website rotates randomly. I’ve decided to highlight specific banner images for a while. I’ll pick one and leave it up for a few days. Today’s banner is from a photograph Carolyn Curtis took this very afternoon at her camp on Hornpout Lane, looking east when a rain squall passed over. Now THAT is a rainbow. Wow. Thank you Carolyn! Here it is again:

03 August 2022: Membership Update

Dave Knight and friends in the flagship of the Clary Lake Association during the Clary Lake Fourth of July parade. Photo CLA member by Donna Roeckel

Sometime around midsummer I like to provide a Membership update, to let people know where we stand and to gently remind people to send in their dues if they’ve forgotten! As for where we stand, we’ve got 129 people signed up for the upcoming membership year so far which puts us 73% of the way towards meeting our 2022/2023 Membership goal of 175. I guess that’s more or less where we should be this time of year. Of that 129 members, 18 are new to the Clary Lake Association. I find it very gratifying that we’re still attracting new members!  After all, if you care about Clary Lake and appreciate having a lake full of clean water where you can swim, boat, and fish, you should support the Clary Lake Association! You’ll find plenty of reasons on our Benefits of Membership page. Continue reading

July 2022 Water Level Chart Archived

7 Clary-Lake-Water-Level-July-2022

July 2022

I have archived the July 2022 Water Level Chart (at left). Easily the most notable thing about the July chart is the steady decline in the lake level for pretty much the whole month! In fact, the lake dropped 28 of the 31 days in July, only rising slightly (or remaining unchanged) on 3 days in response to rainfall received on the 18th, 25th, and the 28th. We ended up with 3.04 inches of rainfall for the month, 1/2 an inch shy of the normal 3.54 inches. To date we’re still 0.30 inches ahead of normal, but don’t be fooled: as I’ve pointed out before, total rainfall doesn’t really give an accurate picture of ground water supplies. We’re currently in moderate drought meaning groundwater supplies are hurting. Here’s a great map of the State: The government site is blocking the Maine Climate Office for some reason which is why our weather page is showing a broken drought graphic 🙁 Continue reading

28 July 2022: Clary Cam Issues Resolved!

Well at least I sure hope they’re resolved! I’ve installed a new mesh wireless router system, a Netgear Orbi, and I have put Cams 1 & 3 back where they belong, and everything seems to be working fine. I now have, for the first time, excellent Wi-Fi coverage down on my dock which means the webcams which are located even closer to the house have significantly more reliable wireless connections too. I think the problems we’ve been having with Cams 1 & 3 have been due to barely sufficient (and occasionally insufficient) wireless connections. They’ve been operating just fine for the last 3 days sitting in a corner of my office right next to the router. Continue reading