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CLA Summer 2022 Raffle Ahead!

Mark & Tara Doe are CLA members and own a house and property on Hornpout Lane. They’re also owners of Louis Doe Home Center in Newcastle. I was talking with them a few weeks ago about how we’re going to have to start raising money for dam repairs before long, and out of the blue they graciously offered to donate a Weber Spirit E-310 gas grill (pictured at left) to us to raffle off this summer to start raising some money. We’ve been scrambling to get all our ducks in a row and get everything ready, and we’re about to launch the first ever Clary Lake Association Summer Raffle! We’re still in the process of lining up some runner up prizes and hope to be able to start selling tickets as early as next week. We expect this will become an annual event. Continue reading

29 November 2018: Fundraising Update

We’re within 10% of reaching our second fundraising goal and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us get this far. While we’re a little shy of the additional $15,000 we wanted to raise, we’re still in pretty good financial shape going forward. While donations have slowed down, they haven’t stopped coming in and I trust we’ll reach our goal before long. In round numbers, since we started fundraising last spring we’ve raised over $130,000 in donations. Impressive for a small lake association.

We generally don’t single out individual donors for recognition, but from time to time we do and I’d like to acknowledge a recent generous donation to our Dam Purchase & Repair Fund from the Whitefield Lions Club. It was both unexpected and greatly appreciated. I hate to say it but I wasn’t really familiar with the Lions Club and what they do so I read up about it. It’s an international, non-political service organization established in 1916 with currently over 1.7 million members world-wide. The Whitefield Lions Club has been serving the towns of Whitefield, Jefferson, Windsor and Somerville, Maine since 1953 and is part of Lions Clubs International Maine District 41. Thank you Whitefield Lions!


12 October 2018: Fundraising Update

One week ago today the Board mailed out yet another fundraising letter to our Membership, other Clary Lake shore owners, and friends of Clary Lake in the surrounding community. I had hoped to post a fundraising update before sending that letter, explaining where we stand financially, what we’ve spent money on so far, and why we need to raise more money, but the past couple of weeks since receiving the favorable bankruptcy court ruling have been unbelievably busy and I just haven’t found the time to sit down and address the matter. Until now. A few people have reached out to me recently with questions about the need for additional fundraising, so here I go, better late than never.  A lot has been on hold this summer, pending receipt of the Clary Lake dam and we’re now trying to make up for lost time. First and foremost is getting the dam repaired as soon as possible. I’ll update everyone about that effort in a separate post. Continue reading

02 June 2018: Donations Continue

Please join me in thanking the Chickawaukee Ice Boat Club for their $500 donation to our campaign to raise money to buy and repair the Clary Lake dam! My friend Bill Bunting stopped by the other day to say the club would be donating to our fund, and this morning the check arrived. It is very gratifying to see this level of community support for our efforts to restore Clary Lake.

I enjoy ice boating, the picture at left is of me sailing on Clary 2 winters ago in a Lockley Skimmer. I’d like to get my hands on a nice little DN Class boat sometime. And a helmet.

And yes, we’re still accepting donations 🙂

15 May 2018: “Buy the Dam” Fundraising Campaign Officially Ends

Today (May 15, 2018) marks the official end of our Spring 2018 “Buy the Dam” fundraiser and we would like to publicly acknowledge and thank our (anonymous) matching donors and by name, those other individuals, members and non-members alike, who have helped make our campaign such an outstanding success. We have reached our fundraising goal of $125,000 and we are extremely gratified by the outpouring of support for our efforts to buy the dam and protect and preserve Clary Lake. Donations arrived not just from people in our local communities of Whitefield and Jefferson, but also from people from elsewhere around Maine, and around the Country. Donations are expected to continue to arrive over the coming weeks, and the funds will be put to good use. There will be more work to do, and ongoing recurring expenses that need to be covered so if you haven’t yet donated, it is not too late! Continue reading

26 April 2018: Fundraising Continues, New Matching Donor Found

We’ve been busy! Our original matching donor cut off at $45,000. We have actually managed to secure another matching donor (who also wishes to remain anonymous) who will match up to an additional $10,000 worth of donations! Seeing as how we’re currently at almost $107,000, an additional $10,000 in donations along with these new matching funds will push us over the top of our phase 2 fundraising goal of $125,000. This means we should be able to make permanent repairs to the Clary Lake dam this summer, rather than having to wait a year. Our fundraising success has been incredibly gratifying and shows just how much people want this water level crisis to end. If you haven’t donated to our fundraising campaign yet, please consider doing so at your earliest opportunity. Checks may be sent to:

Clary Lake Association
PO Box 127
Whitefield ME 04353

Alternatively you can visit our Donate to the Association page and donate via Paypal.

We’re making progress towards purchasing the Clary Lake dam from the Bankruptcy Court, but it’s slow going just now. We’ll provide more updates as information becomes available. Your patience is appreciated.

21 April 2018: CLA Fundraising Campaign Extended

We reached our initial Phase 1 fundraising goal of $90,000 much sooner than expected and while the Board hadn’t discussed trying to raise additional funds for permanent repairs so soon, it only makes sense that we maintain our forward fundraising momentum and move right into Phase 2 fundraising without delay! We needed the initial funds to purchase the dam in a relative hurry, however Phase 2 fundraising can proceed at a somewhat more leisurely pace. The money is to pay for engineering services and for permanent dam repairs which we won’t need to spend for a while. We have only begun working on getting prices and we won’t have a firm budget for the work yet. However, some preliminary estimates we’ve received indicate we’ll need at least $30,000 for this second and final phase of effort, possibly more, hence a new fundraising goal of $125,000. We may need to revise that figure upward but for now it seems like both a realistic goal and an achievable one. I haven’t felt the need to reset our donation thermometer and have instead just added $35,000 to the original $90,000 goal giving a new goal of $125,000. The money all goes into the same pot, so to speak. Any money left over after permanent repairs are completed will be use to fund ongoing dam maintenance and repairs. Owning the Clary Lake dam is a big commitment and we’re taking it seriously. Continue reading

19 April 2018: We Have Reached Our Phase 1 Fundraising Goal!

In only two short weeks of fundraising we have met our phase 1 goal of $90,000!!!! Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed,  and special thanks to our patron who has matched donations dollar for dollar. I’m truly grateful for the outpouring of support, financial and otherwise, shown by our members, other lake shore owners, and friends of Clary Lake in the surrounding community.

However, our fundraising efforts haven’t ended with this early victory, in fact we’ve really just begun so please, if you have intended to make a donation but just haven’t gotten a round to it yet, please do so at your earliest opportunity! We plan to make temporary repairs to the dam as soon as we own it, but some unanticipated expenses and the need to make permanent dam repairs not too far down the road means we’re going to need more money before long. The more money we can raise now, the sooner we can move on to that next phase.

Our rapid fundraising success has actually caught us a little flat-footed as we still have a lot to do as we move forward with purchasing the Clary Lake dam. The Board is working diligently on multiple fronts. Stay tuned for developments!

11 April 2018 Lincoln County News: Clary Lake Group Raising Funds to Purchase Dam

There is an article in this week’s Lincoln County News by staff writer Greg Foster about our plan to purchase the Clary Lake dam. It is for the most part factually accurate which is particularly impressive given the both complexity of this story and Mr. Foster’s being relatively new to it. The part about the CLA making an offer on the little red building sitting on the dam was really just me daydreaming out loud, something one probably shouldn’t do when being interviewed for a newspaper story! For the record, the Association currently has no plans to make an offer on the red building:

Clary Lake Group Raising Funds to Purchase Dam

Can’t beat the publicity: I was at the check out at Sheepscot General this evening when someone came up to me and gave me a $10 bill saying it was to help purchase the Clary Lake dam 🙂

I’ve archived a PDF copy of the article should you have trouble getting it off the Lincoln County News site:

07 April 2018 Fundraising starts to buy Clary Lake dam in Whitefield

There is an article in this morning’s newspapers (Kennebec Journal, Morning Sentinel) by Staff writer Jessica Lowell. There are a couple of minor inaccuracies but all in all it’s a good article, and GREAT publicity. It’s also nice to see they finally got some new pictures to go with their Clary Lake articles:

I thought I was smiling 🙂

Here’s an archived copy in case at some point in the future you can’t get to the on line version: