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Avian Haven 2021 Year End Report

Our friends at Avian Haven have posted their 2021 Year End Report on their website, and as usual, it’s a real treat. They do wonderful work. From their website:

Avian Haven was incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization by Marc Payne and Diane Winn in 1999. Since that time, our annual case load has increased from about 300 to about 3,600 birds, making us one of the largest avian rehabilitation practices in New England. All told to date, roughly 34,000 birds from more than 100 species have been treated at Avian Haven. We care for wild birds that are orphaned, sick, and/or injured, with a goal of releasing them back to their natural roles in the wild.


A Year-End Message from Avian Haven

A nice year-end message from our friends at Avian Haven. I highly recommend looking at their Year End 2021 message!

Happy Endings VR Banner

Dear Friends of Avian Haven,
Anyone looking back on 2021 can see effects of the pandemic almost everywhere in the human realm.  But faith in the endurance of the natural world helped us and many of you to hold hope.  Our combined efforts in 2021 made happy endings possible for the stories of many birds.  Images of some of them can be found here (3.5 MB).

All of us here send huge thanks for your role in sending these birds and many others back to their natural roles in the wild.  May these images help to buoy hopes for 2022!