Brower Observatory to host Super Moon Total Eclipse Party

eclipse_montage-espenakMost of you have probably heard about the upcoming total lunar eclipse. The Central Maine Astronomical Society will be hosting a Total Lunar Eclipse party which is open to club members and the public at the Brower Observatory in Whitefield this coming Sunday evening, September 27th starting at about 8:00 PM. The eclipse proper starts at 9:07 PM EST and will last for a couple of hours. There will be telescopes set up to observe the eclipse. Some people will be trying to photograph the event, but mostly, people will be standing around, socializing, and gawking at the moon. Bring binoculars and dress warmly.

The Brower Observatory is located off Route 126 on the Fergusson property in Whitefield. The driveway is on the south side of the road next to 3 mailboxes directly across the road from the Fergusson farmhouse and about 300′ west of the Jefferson Town Line. Hard to miss. There will be a sign. The link at left includes directions.

Here’s a great link for information about the eclipse: