01 September 2014: August water level chart archived

8 waterlevelchart_August2014We’ve come to the end of another month, and I’ve archived the August water level chart. Despite the slightly less than average amount of rainfall in August (3.05″) and in spite of the fact that the dam’s gate has been wide open the whole time, the lake level remained in a fairly tight range of about ± 5″ for the month, starting out at a hair over 40″ below the top of the dam and ending the month a hair under 50″ below the top of the dam. In this range of water levels the lake tends to drop about 0.66″ per day, with the gate wide open. It doesn’t take much rain to bring the lake up a significant amount.

It is now just one month until October 1st, the date when the Clary Lake water level order is supposed to have been fully implemented. Given that Kelley has done absolutely nothing to implement the Order, it will be interesting to see what the DEP does when that date rolls around.