18 August 2014: Clary Lake Association requests change to Service List

img_2254__medium_Almost from the beginning of the Clary Lake Water Level Petition, attorney and Clary Lake shore owner Robert Rubin has served as counsel for the Association in their role as intervenor in the petition proceedings. His advice and assistance over the past two and a half years on behalf of the Association as well as to me personally in my role as Petition Spokesperson has been invaluable and was instrumental in bringing the Clary Lake water level petition to a successful conclusion. I consider him a good friend and we all owe him a debt of gratitude for his selfless service to the Association and for his commitment to the preservation of Clary Lake.

Well, Bob has been making plans to retire for some time now, and he has finally gone and done it: he is no longer practicing law. His wife, Cheryl Ayer, a practicing attorney and recently elected Clary Lake Association Board member, has agreed to take over the role of counsel for the Association as intervenor in the Clary Lake water level petition proceedings. To that end, I have sent a letter to the Department requesting they update their Service List to reflect this change in representation.

While the petition process is behind us (thank goodness), the Service List itself has not been dismantled and is still available for information distribution to certain State agencies and other interested parties, of which there are quite a few. Departmental procedural orders regarding the Clary Lake water level order will be sent to the Service List. This update also serves to remind the Department that the Clary Lake Association is still here, waiting, and watching.