A Quick Reminder: Signup for Post Notices

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Not a working form! Look on the right side of the page!

A quick reminder to those of you who don’t want to miss anything new on the Clary Lake Association website but can’t seem to find your way here on a regular basis, you can signup to receive email notifications of new posts on the site. If you want to try this out, on the right-hand sidebar on (almost) any page on the site, usually right under the Weather “widget” look for the “Subscribe to Clary Lake Association News via Email” item (pictured above). Just enter your email address in the field provided and click the “Subscribe” button. You’ll shortly receive an email with the subject line “Confirm your subscription for Clary Lake Association” that provides a “Confirm Follow” button to click. Rest assured that your email address will not get shared or revealed to anyone. This will not generate spam or unsolicited emails, only notifications of new posts.

Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll receive a single email when a new article is posted to the site including an excerpt to pique your curiosity, and a link to click on to take you to the article. At the bottom of the email is an Unsubscribe link in case you want to stop receiving emails and a “manage your email settings” link to fine-tune how you receive notifications.

I hope you consider taking advantage of this neat site feature; a couple of dozen people have already signed up. This service is provided by WordPress, the people that are write the software used on this site. If you’re a busy person or just can’t remember to check here as often as you would like, try out post notifications. I’ll be posting a link to this post under the “Site Help” main menu heading.

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  1. George Fergusson Post author

    A couple of people apparently thought the image included in the post was a working form. It is not. Look on the right side of the screen right below the weather report!

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