31March 2013: End of Month Summary

 I’ve posted the final March 2013 water level chart. For the month, we got a paltry 1.22″ of precipitation which nonetheless brought the lake up a total of 17.78″ (runoff multiplier of 14x!) from where it started the month at -55.68″ below the top of the dam to -38.76″ below the top of the dam on March 18th. It has fallen only 2.5″ since then. The reason the lake rose so much from so little rain is because lake is so much smaller due to the low water level: when it rains, the water level really has nowhere to go but up. For comparison, when the lake is around 40″ below the top of the dam (where it is now), rising water tends to spread out over the drained wetlands, increasing the surface area but the water level, not so much.