31 March 2015: Wild Kingdom on Clary Lake [UPDATED]

campic-turkey-carcass.jpgI got a call the other day from a neighbor telling me that he’d hit a wild turkey right in front of my house. I went out and retrieved the carcass and decided to put it out on the ice in front of the Clary Webcam so we could all enjoy watching wild animals tear it apart. My son’s dog already discovered it last night and started the process of pulling feathers out. I imagine the Ravens will make short work of it assuming a fox or coyote doesn’t come along and haul it off in the night. Maybe an eagle will show up.

You’re welcome 🙂

UPDATED 31 March 2015:

Visitors today to the turkey carcass included my son’s dog Emma (again), several ravens, and an immature Bald Eagle.

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