30 June 2013: Month-end Water Level Summary

6 June 2013June was the second month in a row with significantly above-average rainfall and this has helped keep the lake level up despite the dam owner draining 1.2″ of water out of it each day. It was the 6th wettest June in recorded history! We received approximately 6.13″ of rain, a good 2.6″ more than the average for the month of 3.56″. We started the month at -32.16″ below the top of the dam, fell to a low of -46″ on the 25th and then heavy rains brought it back up 5.5″ to 40.44″ at the end of the month. It we’d received the average rainfall for the month the lake would be at least a foot lower than it is today. It looks like this higher-than-average rainfall trend is going to continue for a little while; I’m torn between wanting more rain to offset the falling lake level and less rain to accommodate more outside activities.

The water level fluctuation this spring has been enough to discourage the loon pair on the lake from even trying to nest. It is now too late for them to try, even if they wanted to.

I find it a little surprising that more people don’t keep an eye on the water level charts on a regular basis. There are a number of people that look at them a few times a month, but there are only a couple of people that look at them every day, or almost every day (you know who you are). Not to worry, I don’t monitor the water level and chart the data for any reason other than to satisfy my scientific curiosity. If you find the data helpful or interesting, I’m happy 🙂