29 March 2021: Ice Out!


Ice Out 28 March 2021

I’m calling the OFFICIAL Clary Lake Ice Out date today, March 29th. I’m also calling yesterday the “What Do You Mean It’s Not Ice Out Yet?” day, yesterday, March 28th. This morning there are only a few vestiges of ice remaining and I’m sure the sun and wind will make short work of them today. We therefore have 3 winners of our 2021 Clary Lake Ice Out contest: Bambi Jones for guessing the “official” Ice Out date, and Kelley Doore and Alan Nicholas Decker for coming the closest to the “What Do You Mean It’s Not Ice Out Yet?” date of March 28th without going over. Fortunately we have enough “We Give A Dam” tee shirts to go around and I’ll be in touch with our winners to make arrangements to get them their shirts 🙂

I’d like to thank everyone for their interest in our Ice Out contest this year. We’ll do it again next year and maybe plan to take it up a notch. Not sure exactly what that means, but we’ve got a whole year to think about it.

I’ve also got a couple of great ice out videos that I’m working on and I’ll post them when ready.