29 April 2013: New Photo Gallery Added: Historical Photographs

clary-bridge-09august1923-view-2Whitefield Town Clerk Aaron Miller sent me some photographs earlier today showing the bridge over Pleasant Pond Stream taken from a view point out in the middle of the mill pond on the west side of the road. Two are dated in the 1923, one is dated 1934, and one is dated 1958 showing the new bridge that exists today. In a couple of them you can see the hand wheel used to open and close the original weir in the dam. He got the photos off some disks that came from the Whitefield Historical Society. One thing that surprised me was a couple of the photographs refer to the bridge as “Chester Bridge” no doubt named after Chester Boynton who owned the mill around this time. Aaron by the way is in the process of setting up the new Town of Whitefield facebook page. Now I’ve seen everything. Check it out!

I decided to take this opportunity and create a new gallery Historical Photographs and have moved some old photographs to it that were spread around some other galleries- something I’d been planning on doing for a while but just hadn’t gotten around to it.

A reminder: if anyone has any photographs you think belong on the site, upload them or email them to me and I’ll post them.