28 March 2013: User Uploads, Galleries, Site Mods

After what is probably insufficient testing I have setup a Picture Upload Page. This allows you to upload your pictures directly to the site rather than having to email them to me as many of you have done in the past. Your uploads will remain sequestered until I’ve had a chance to check them out. When approved, they’ll appear in the User Uploads gallery. I do get an email when a picture has been uploaded but it might get overlooked. If you’ve uploaded a picture an it hasn’t shown up in 24 hours, email me.

The only real restriction on uploads is that you have to be a subscriber to the site, and be logged in to be able to use the uploader. That said, without doing extremely tedious sleuthing through log files (which I won’t bother with) I have no idea who uploaded a given picture unless you actually tell me you’ve done so. So. If you want your upload to be attributed to you, you better let me know who you are. A convenient way to do this is to  use the contact/feedback form or type your name into the description field. Other instructions are included on the Picture Upload Page. Enjoy.

I’ve begun switching this years old-style Picassa web photo albums over to the new-style NextGen/Wordpress galleries. The existing albums from 2012 and before will remain available in the Picture Archives. I may convert the existing Clary Images album of picture submissions from the old site to the new format. Prepare to be surprised.