28 February 2013: Water Level Measurements, Pictures, Server Issues

I’ve updated the Water level Chart for the first time in a week, and seeing as how it’s the end of the month, I’ve posted the February 2013 Water Level Chart which shows that the lake level stayed within a tight range the entire month, fluctuating only about ±1.5″ and ending the month just 1/2″ lower than it started. We received a total of 1.82″ of precipitation for the month.

Boy I’m ready for spring. I managed to crack a rib last weekend so I pretty much gave up on shoveling snow and chopping a hole in the ice to check the water level but when I checked today, there was actually some open water right along the shore so I was able to get an accurate measurement with no shoveling and no chopping.

I haven’t yet had a chance to scan the pictures that Jane Chase gave me last week, but I’ll get a round tuit as soon as I can- perhaps this weekend. I also still plan to put together a gallery of pictures Colin Caissie took during a cross country ski jaunt down the channel to the dam. I’ve spent most of my copious spare time recently working on the server that hosts this (and other) web sites. Some of you may have noticed the site either being slow to respond or not responding at all for a while. This resulted partly from a miss-allocation of resources and partly due to a lack of routine maintenance. These issues have been rectified so you shouldn’t see any more problems.