27 March 2013: Landowner opposes raising Clary Lake level

Butch Duncan has gotten himself in the paper. This article appeared in today’s Lincoln County News on page 16. Thanks to Jack Holland for bringing it to my attention.

2 thoughts on “27 March 2013: Landowner opposes raising Clary Lake level

  1. Sue McKeen

    I just read the LCN interview w/Butch Duncan. I’m a little baffled by his reference to jobs in relation to the water level. What jobs is he referring to? Also to set the record straight. I certainly am not concerned about smell, dock placement or any other thing except for the sadness I feel every time I look out on the marsh. Particularly this time of the year when the water used to sparkle and the geese and ducks would land in the marsh on their way back home. I think most of us on the lake feel this same sadness – and frankly I’m angry too.

  2. George Fergusson Post author

    Sue- I’ve said about all I intend to say about this. He thinks we need more farm land? I think we need more fish!

    I sent off a letter to the editor today that I assume will appear in this week’s paper. I’m moving on. Nice to have you comment.

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