27 July 2013: First test of E-NEWS Newsletter system a resounding success

bottle2Many of you were subjected the other day to the first mailing of the Association’s E-NEWS Newsletter which I liken to an Emergency Broadcast System but that’s just my flare for the dramatic. In reality it’s just another way to disseminate information in a timely, cost effective way to a targeted audience and one which we have no intention of over-using: the ability to drop emails into your inbox is a privilege we don’t want to abuse or lose. We’re happy most of the time to let you drop in and peruse the website at your leisure but there will be times when we want to get your attention sooner rather than later. And of course there is an E-NEWS archive where we’ll keep copies of the mailings available for reference. The newsletter system also includes options to unsubscribe and edit your profile. So far nobody has unsubscribed 🙂

There has been a little confusion over subscribing to NEWS versus subscribing to E-NEWS. NEWS are the posts that appear on this news page and you can sign up to get email notices of new posts and even new comments on individual posts. On most other pages you’ll find a “Subscribe to Clary Lake Association News via Email” text box on the side bar where you can enter your email address. On the other hand you can sign up for E-NEWS newsletters on the Join our E-NEWS Mailing List page and in a few other places on the site (like on the home page). You’ll only get E-NEWS emails or newsletters on those rare occasions that the Association decides to send them out.