26 May 2013: Dam Gate Open Again

boo-hiss-customI was in my driveway cutting wood about 11 am this morning when I happened to look up at a passing car and by golly if it wasn’t Paul Kelley, headed towards Jefferson. Only one thing would bring Paul to Whitefield on a nice day like this: to open the dam. So when I was sufficiently tired of chainsawing on my wood pile I took a drive over to the dam and sure enough, the gate was open again. I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky: the gate was closed for only 10 days and in that time the lake rose over 2 feet.

One has to wonder what motivates Paul Kelley these days- he certainly isn’t trying to win friends and influence people. And what makes him think that a little water going through that hole in the dam is going cause significant damage to the dam? It might make the hole a little bigger, but the first thing anyone who goes to repair the dam is going to do is remove that whole rotten concrete plug, hole and all.

Now is when loons establish their nest and start sitting. Sadly, in a repeat of last year’s loon nesting disaster, with the gate open again, falling water levels will doom any attempt the loons make to raise a family this year. Good going Kelley. You can’t win for losing.

2 thoughts on “26 May 2013: Dam Gate Open Again

  1. Eve Kinney

    If this man doesn’t have a black heart I don’t know who does!! How can anyone not care about nature and not enjoy the beauty of what we have to preserve. Now again, the loons don’t stand a chance with such evil lurking. I do believe in Karma and believe me his is long over due!!

    1. George Fergusson Post author

      I don’t know what to say Eve. For someone who claims to be only interested in getting out from under his dam liability, he’s sure going about it wrong and that includes doing everything he can to piss off and alienate the very people who want to buy his dam.

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