26 March 2013: Playing With Photo Galleries

WordPress offers some pretty cool ways of managing and displaying photographs but I haven’t had much time to delve into the existing gallery features that are built into the system. I finally got around to doing just that over the last couple of days. I also added a 3rd party set of gallery functions which further extend the functionality of the built in galleries. The results are pretty impressive!

I’ve put together a Test Gallery just to see how it looks, and I’ve inserted one of the pictures from that gallery in this post:


Let me know how you like them. I doubt I’ll get around to converting all the old 2012 Photo Albums the WordPress Galleries but I think from here on I’ll be using them. Eventually I’ll have it set up so users of the site can upload their pictures too. All in due time.

2 thoughts on “26 March 2013: Playing With Photo Galleries

  1. George Fergusson Post author

    More impressed with this Photo Gallery system as I get to understand it. Very powerful set of functions, but somewhat poorly documented. Programmers shouldn’t write documentation 🙂

    Subscribers to the site will soon be able to upload picture with descriptions. They’ll initially be sequestered until I get a chance to check them out. You can test this feature if you want on the Test Gallery page.

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