26 February 2017: Fire On Ice Winter Festival A Great Success!


February 2017 Fire on Ice Festival. This is about as close as I came to getting a group photo. A few people had already left, a few were yet to arrive.

The Winter “Fire on Ice” Festival put on by the CLA Momentum Committee last Saturday was a great success. The weather was good, the companionship was even better and the S’mores were perfect. By this time of the winter it seems like everyone is suffering from cabin fever to some extent, and it was wonderful to be able to get outside and enjoy the day without having to be all bundled up against the cold. All told about 2 dozen adults and 10 kids showed up for the event. Most were existing Clary Lake Association members but there were some new faces in the crowd including Stephanie Chamberlain and her partner Steve Berry, who recently bought a house in Coopers Mills. Over the course of the afternoon I took a lot of photographs which I’ve added to the Winter 2017 Photo Gallery (duplicated below).

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Momentum Committee Chair Erin Grimshaw driving this “Fire On Ice” event forward, and to her 3 boys Devon, Corey, and Jayden for hauling the firewood and so capably handling S’mores production. I’d also like to thank David Knight for plowing out the road across the field and Rick and Linda Gallion for bringing the table, the cheese fondue, the hot dogs, and the cookies. Sadly, David Knight was home recovering from the flu and wasn’t able to attend the event. Get well David! Also thanks to everyone who donated firewood (you know who you are). Finally I’d like to thank everyone who simply took the time out of their day to show up, stand around, and do nothing for a couple of hours. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.

In March the Momentum Committee will meet to start planning our next event, tentatively an entry in the Whitefield 4th of July Parade. If you want to get involved with this next event or help with future activities, please contact the Momentum Committee.


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  1. Malcolm Burson

    This is so GREAT! Thanks to all who participated. I’m already looking forward to next year!

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