26 February 2013: DEP Decision and KJ Article Pending!

Senator Chris Johnson called me today to let me know he was told that the Department has drafted a decision on the motion to dismiss and that it is currently under review, presumably by folks in the Attorney General’s office.  I say presumably because Chris didn’t give me any details about whom he spoke to or what they told him. Obviously, he couldn’t tell me how long it will be before we hear something either. I’d like to think it will be sooner rather than later but having waited this long, I’m content to wait a little longer. It is good to know that the long wait is finally almost over.

At this point I’d rather not speculate further on what to expect, but assuming the DEP has decided NOT to dismiss the petition then processing of the petition will resume where it left off. This would include ruling on my motion to supplement the record with additional information, and setting a deadline for submission of our findings of fact.

I also spoke with Paul Koenig of the Kennebec Journal today- it looks like he will be writing an article that may appear in the KJ as early as this coming weekend. He said he’d let me know if/when he knew more, so stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “26 February 2013: DEP Decision and KJ Article Pending!

  1. Margaret Fergusson

    This is fantastic news, even to the extent that we have no way of knowing ‘who is thinking what’ and how the outcome will look. After five months of waiting… without a word…things are moving. Ah, the ‘wheels of progress’….

    Here’s a thought…let those of us who care about this issue, have some compassion for others who have plights with environmental issues and bullies…and yes, let’s have some compassion for ‘those wheels’….perhaps not turning to our liking or on our timetable…yet turning nonetheless!

    Thank you, George, for all your dedication to this effort and another special thanks to Chris Johnson…really stepping on behalf of his constituency!

  2. Sue McKeen

    That is quite a picture. I’m bringing my beef cattle out tomorrow to graze.

    Tenacious – word of the month. Thanks George.

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