25 May 2021: Rough Water on Clary Lake

Early Sunday afternoon on May 23, 2021, a strong cold front blew in from the north. Behind it were high winds that lasted all afternoon and into the night. We took it on the nose on our location on the south shore of Clary Lake. For a while I thought my boat would ride it out OK but it was taking a beating and I decided to move it over into a protected cove… It made for a pretty hairy ride, I wish I’d had the foresight to do it sooner!

Here are a couple of webcam pictures from that afternoon.



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5 Responses to 25 May 2021: Rough Water on Clary Lake

  1. The video and the pictures really don’t do the waves justice!

  2. Stephen Viti says:

    Next time try taking your video from a lower angle…laying on your dock would probably be perfect!

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