25 March 2021: Ice Out Update, It’s Getting Close

2021-03-25__11_57_10It’s getting close folks. I got an email from David Hodsdon this morning saying that he saw 6 loons yesterday in a spot of open water at the point near his house. Compare the picture at left, taken just a few minutes before Noon today, with the one I posted yesterday! A lot of open water out there… 

2021 Clary Lake Ice Out Contest

Here are the names of people who entered the contest and their guestimate of when Ice Out will occur.
Your name:What day do you think the ice will be completely off Clary Lake?
Kathryn Ference03/22/21
Alan Nicholas Decker03/25/21
Kelley Doore03/25/21
Bambi jones03/29/21
Ronnie Spann04/01/21
Des FitzGerald04/01/21
Stephen Viti04/01/21
Beverley Bowen04/01/21
Andrea Antognoni04/01/21
Malcolm Burson04/02/21
Karen Stutzer04/02/21
Carolyn Curtis04/02/21
Leslie Gillette04/02/21
George Fergusson04/03/21
Tara Doe04/03/21
Stan York04/04/21
Ray Martin04/04/21
Jack Holland04/04/21
Jay Bridgforth04/06/21
Stephen Viti04/06/21
Steve Relyea04/07/21
Gareth Bowen04/07/21
Paul Devlin04/07/21
Karren Briggs04/07/21
Stephen Viti04/07/21
Ellis Percy04/08/21
Steve Cowles04/09/21
Rich & Megan Luisi04/09/21
Thurlow Crummett04/09/21
Tom Lawton04/09/21
David Knight04/10/21
Dan Burns04/12/21
Mark Doe04/13/21
Richard Gallion04/14/21
Linda Gallion04/15/21