25 January 2019: Lake at a Level Not Seen in Years

The lake has so far risen over 8″ as a result of yesterday’s heavy rain and is now 7 inches below the normal high water mark. The last time it was this high was 9 years ago, in 2010. It will continue to rise a little more over the next couple of days before it starts falling again. Ideally this time of year we’d like it between 12 and 24 inches below the HWM.
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3 thoughts on “25 January 2019: Lake at a Level Not Seen in Years

  1. George Fergusson Post author

    Update: As of this afternoon, the lake has risen 11 inches and is approaching 5 inches below the High Water Mark. I decided to open the gate to let out more water, but I suspect the lake will still over top the dam. Not a problem!

  2. Steve Cowles

    Can I request a picture to be posted when it over tops?
    If I could be so bold as to ask you to take one from my property so I could see the mill pond side that would be really neat.
    Again, thanks for maintaining this page. I really do look at it nearly everyday and geek out looking at the dam log.

    1. George Fergusson Post author

      You bet Steve! I’ll be taking ALL KINDS of pictures from all angles!

      We received 1.66″ of rain last Thursday which has raised the lake level to within 6″ of over topping, but it looks like opening the gate yesterday slowed the lake level rise enough to keep it where it is for now. More snow and rain forecast for the middle of next week so we’ll have another chance. This time of year the plan is to try and keep the lake level between 12 and 24 inches below the top of the dam, not that over-topping is a bad thing, we just want to minimize ice damage to the shoreline around the lake.

      And glad you like the dam log! I’ve been having a blast with it. It’s still a work in progress. Will be posting an article about it one of these days.

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