24 September 2016: Clary_Cam2 BACK in Service


Clary Cam3

[dropcap]ClaryCam2[/dropcap] is back up and running again and due to a fortuitous (or not) set of circumstances we’ve expanded our coverage of Clary Lake by adding a third cam designated Clary_Cam3 (picture at left). This new cam is located right next to Clary_Cam1 on the Fergusson shoreline on the south side of the lake, and it points roughly NNE towards the Grant/Gillette property over on the Northeast shore. While I’ve toyed with the idea of putting up a 3rd camera in the past, I hadn’t planned on doing it any time soon. To make a long story short however, the original Clary_Cam2 camera turned out not to have been damaged at all by the lightning strike, but this fact wasn’t discovered until after David Hodsdon had already ordered and received a drop-in replacment camera. So after we reinstalled the original Clary_Cam2 hardware this morning and got it up and running, I made David an offer on the new camera that he couldn’t refuse. It didn’t take me long to get it too up and running.

Clary_Cams_FOVBetween these 3 cameras over 95% of Clary Lake is covered by Clary_cams. The Google Earth image at left shows the rough Fields of View (FOV) of the 3 cameras. There are only a few coves on the south shore and a small gore between the coverage of Cams 2 and 3 that don’t appear on a photograph.

You’ll find all 3 cameras on the revised Clary Lake Webcams page. For now all 3 cameras are uploading photographs to the webserver ever 2 minutes. As I find the time I’ll work to get the remote access funtionality working better for those of you who like to log into the cameras and see real-time video. However, be advised that the networking mumbo-jumbo required to get people out on the internet happily passing packets on a certain port with a certain camera located behind a router, behind a firewall, behind a cable modem with a dynamic IP address (subject to change!) is non-trivial… Anything that can go wrong often does go wrong with the result being a failure to connect.

If anyone is trying to connect in real time and is having trouble, please contact me. Remote access to Clary_Cam2 is currently working for me. No guarantees how long that will continue!