24 September 2013: Confusion around Pleasant Pond Mill LLC’s Notice of intent to file

613_confusion-customI spoke to Kathy Howatt this morning to confirm the circumstances surrounding Kelley’s latest “notice of intent to file” and surprise surprise, she said that DEP has NOT dismissed his petition. It wasn’t even clear that she knew about Kelley’s latest notice though she was aware that Kelley intended to hold a public meeting next month. She speculated that this new notice of intent to file was Kelley’s attempt to correct the deficiency in his original filing. However, Kelley already tried to correct the deficiency in his original filing with a public notice back on May 24th. If that wasn’t sufficient, why should this latest attempt be sufficient? Will he actually file another petition on September 27th as his latest notices suggests? What happens to the existing petition? Can he actually file the petition twice? Do the towns of Whitefield and Jefferson have to hold public meetings again? I’m left with nothing but questions: Kelley continues to confuse, obfuscate, and complicate the situation.

So who’s planning on attending Paul Kelley’s October 15th public meeting? Who’s planning to make an offer on the (breached) Clary Lake dam?