24 March 2021: Ice Out Update

Spring-2021-03-24__11_13_20Ice Out approaches and it’s now looking like it’ll go out sooner rather than later. The ice is getting decidedly darker and this morning there is an odd brown stain over a large area that is visible in the Clary_cam3 photo at left. This warm weather is really wreaking havoc with the ice! Below is a Clary_cam2 photo from this morning showing a good deal of open water right on shore, and a large open lead heading off towards the boat launch. Also, it wasn’t that long ago that a few of us adventuresome people were driving our cars around on the lake. Steven Giampetruzzi sent me this picture of him and his Scoobydoo parked out in front of his camp, and Clary_cam2 caught me cruising by the day before:

Spring-MGS4010 skoobydoo-on-ice-March-2021 campic.jpg_20210303-124600