24 July 2013: UPDATED Video of WGME Channel 13 News Marissa Bodnar Interview on Clary Lake Petition

This is the complete video of the WGME Channel 13 news interview. The original one I posted was missing the first 50 seconds which in a 2 minute 22 second segment is a lot. Worth watching if I do say so myself. Thanks to David Hodsdon for sending this to me.

5 thoughts on “24 July 2013: UPDATED Video of WGME Channel 13 News Marissa Bodnar Interview on Clary Lake Petition

    1. George Fergusson Post author

      No. No tough questions. And my primary concerns, the impact of the draw down on the ecology and wildlife habitat, the draining of 350 acres of wetlands, and the unusable State boat launch did not get mentioned either. But we’ll take the publicity just the same.

  1. David Miller

    Personally, I detest video.

    So Kelly says he wants out. Does he have a way to restore the water rights that he split off from ownership of the dam? A dam without water rights is pretty damned useless. Pun intended.

    1. George Fergusson Post author

      Hard to say David; not if you believe what Kelley says and until the flowage rights become reacquainted with the dam, he is stuck with it. However, the record owner of the flowage rights, Aquafortis Associates, is a party to the petition and when the water level order is placed, they will become equally liable, along with the dam owner, for non-compliance with the order. This is a particularly unpleasant position for them to be in considering they don’t own the dam; in other words, they’re liable for a water level they have no control over. That would make me uncomfortable! Perhaps they’ll conclude they don’t really need the flowage rights after all (they don’t) and will put them on the table.

      Then there is the argument that flowage rights are an appurtenant easement to the dam which does the flooding, and can’t legally be separated from it. Perhaps Kelley still owns those flowage rights and doesn’t know it. Kelley has created an untenable situation and he’s now mired in it. Hoist on his own petard.

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