24 April 2013 LCN Article: Whitefield and Jefferson plan meetings to consider dam ownership

The anticipated article by Shlomit Auciello has appeared in today’s in Lincoln County News:

Whitefield and Jefferson plan meetings to consider dam ownership

It contains some rather serious misinformation. For example:

“PPM’s next recourse is to the departments of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Conservation (within the .Departrnent of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry) and Emergency Management. If none of those entities choose to take ownership, the state will order the water level lowered and the dam removed, Merrill said.”

That statement is categorically wrong and I can assure you, Dennis said nothing of the kind. He is well aware of what’s in the law. If he had said anything like that, I would have immediately corrected him. And then this:

“He [Fergusson] said the law requires a sale, even if only the cost of transfer is offered and PPM would have to keep the dam if no buyer appears.”

I said that? I don’t think so. The law does not require a sale and if no buyer appears, the State orders the water released and the dam removed. I wish Ms. Auciello would get her facts straight. The law is readily available. Correct information is readily available. Printing misinformation does everyone a disservice.

I’ve replaced the scanned copy I made with a better PDF from the paper’s site.