21 October 2017: Update on Clary Lake Water Level Order Appeal

Back on October 10th I posted Aquafortis Associates LLC’s [AQF] Rule 80C Brief and at the time I said I hadn’t read it but that I would shortly and would post my thoughts “at a later date.” I know some of you have been waiting for me to do just that. Well it’s a later date, I have read it, several times even, but have decided I will keep my thoughts on the brief to myself for now except to state that I think the arguments put forth in it are specious and without merit. I’d also suggest that apparently neither AQF nor their counsel has any idea what a bathymetric survey is or what it’s used for, and they seem equally confused over the difference between a water level and a water elevation. I don’t know whether this confusion is real or contrived, but I’m sure the State’s brief will clear it up.

The State’s response brief is due November 15th. I’ll post it as soon as I get a copy.