21 May 2021: Rumor of Big Fish in Clary Lake Confirmed!


Dinky Fish

The rumor that there are big fish in Clary Lake has been confirmed! I don’t usually post fish pictures on the website but I’m happy to make an exception for this beauty,  sent to me the other day by CLA member and friend Steve Viti. At 5 pounds, I’ll bet that was exciting to catch on the light tackle that Steve uses! Steve of course threw this fish back to grow some more. These big Bass are valuable breeders and should be returned to the lake as quickly as possible. If you’re looking for something to eat, harvest a small bass or two or have your fill of all the Black Crappie and White Perch you want- there are plenty of them in Clary Lake! In Maine’s Southern Zone, there is a 2 fish bag/possession limit for Large & Small Mouth Bass with no length limit, but only 1 may exceed 14 inches. 

Get out there and catch something!