21 August 2013: Algae Bloom Update

dead-blue-green-algae-21august2013There was a thick green scum driven up against my dock this morning by the gentle current flowing around the lake, it is the carcasses of the cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) that were blooming a few weeks ago. As they die they float to the surface and get driven towards the shore where they collect. Dying cyanobacteria also release various toxins into the water. In high enough concentrations these toxins can kill fish and other wildlife. It’s not that bad here on Clary Lake but it does make for an unpleasant if temporary condition.

This is the end of this algae bloom but I would not be surprised given the hot weather and excessively low water conditions to see another bloom later this fall- typically they’ve been appearing in September or early October.

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