2022 Clary Lake Ice Out Contest! [UPDATE]

This is our third year running a Clary Lake Ice-Out contest. This year’s prize for first place is a beautiful 12″ H x 15″ W framed loon photograph taken by David Hodsdon. If you guess the correct ice-out date  or come closest without going past it, you’re the winner. In the event there are two (or more) people who guessed the same winning date, the person guessing first (based on the recorded timestamp) will be the winner and the other less-lucky (but still lucky!) person (or persons!) will win a laminated 8.5″ x 11″ Clary Lake Depth Map as a runner up prize (see below). FYI, the earliest the lake has been deemed completely free of ice was on March 13, 2016; the latest the ice has gone out was on April 24, 2001. Last year’s “official” ice out date was March 29th which was correctly guessed by Bambi Jones. She won a blue “We Give A Dam” tee shirt. We also awarded second places (also tee shirts) to Kelley Doore and Alan Nicholas Decker who correctly guessed the “What Do You Mean It’s Not Ice Out Yet?” date of March 28th. Visit our Ice In and Ice Out page to see all our historical data back to 2001. Reviewing historical ice-in and ice-out data is NOT CHEATING!

[UPDATE]: I’ve posted the current guesses at the bottom of this message and I’ll update the list at least daily. We’ll close the contest some time before the ice actually goes out. And yes, you can submit more than one guess, but only your last guess will count 🙂

2022 Ice Out Guestimates

These are the guesses for ice out. The timestamp column will be used to decide on who was first in the event of a tie. Hint: you can sort on any of the columns by clicking on the header:
TimestampYour name:Ice Out Guess:
02/27/22 09:43 AMSophie Seba03/23/22
02/27/22 10:45 AMJack Holland03/24/22
02/27/22 11:01 AMVicky Grimaldi03/25/22
02/27/22 11:30 AMDan Burns03/30/22
02/28/22 10:13 AMSteve Relyea03/30/22
02/28/22 08:35 PMHillary Relyea03/31/22
02/27/22 01:03 PMRonnie Spann04/01/22
02/27/22 03:13 PMLinda S Gallion04/01/22
02/27/22 02:41 PMRob Rowland04/02/22
02/27/22 08:45 PMTim chase04/02/22
03/01/22 09:27 AMCathy johnson04/02/22
03/04/22 11:51 AMcarolyn curtis04/02/22
02/27/22 05:00 PMMalcolm Burson04/03/22
02/27/22 09:36 AMKaren Stutzer04/04/22
02/28/22 05:47 AMGeoff McCullen04/04/22
02/28/22 08:06 AMThurlow Crummett04/04/22
02/27/22 01:41 PMJune m Lordi04/05/22
02/27/22 09:31 AMBill Hall04/06/22
03/01/22 09:26 AMBambi Jones04/06/22
03/03/22 03:55 PMMary Gingrow-Shaw04/06/22
02/27/22 12:23 PMGayle Knight04/07/22
02/27/22 06:52 PMSteve Cowles04/08/22
03/03/22 03:49 PMAmanda Knight04/08/22
02/27/22 12:19 PMKate Seba04/09/22
02/27/22 08:27 PMDonald Hogg04/09/22
03/01/22 10:32 PMBen Gerdts04/10/22
03/02/22 09:12 AMDavid Knight04/10/22
03/04/22 10:10 AMStephen Viti04/11/22
02/27/22 11:42 AMArlene Wing04/12/22
02/27/22 09:54 AMBeverley Bowen04/13/22
02/28/22 05:24 AMCary McCullen04/15/22
02/28/22 05:26 AMGeoff McCullen04/16/22
02/27/22 09:21 AMSara Roy04/17/22
03/03/22 01:11 PMGareth Bowen04/18/22
03/01/22 11:23 AMCheryl Smith04/20/22
02/27/22 08:16 PMThomas vigue04/21/22