2021 Clary Lake Ice-Out Contest

This is the second year of our Ice-Out contest. Guess the correct ice-out date and win a “We Give A Dam” tee shirt. FYI, the earliest the lake has been deemed completely free of ice was on March 13, 2016; the latest the ice has gone out was on April 24, 2001. Last year’s ice out date was March 27th which was correctly guessed by Linda Gallion. Visit our Ice In and Ice Out page to see all our historical data back to 2001. Reviewing historical ice-in and ice-out data is NOT CHEATING!

A little more information that may or may not help you guess correctly: on March 12th there are still people fishing, and there is still approximately 15″ of ice on the lake. We’ll close the contest some time before the ice actually goes out. And yes, you can submit more than one guess, but only your first guess will count. Or maybe your last guess 🙂

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