20 September 2013: Updated Lake Water Monitoring Data

secchi_diskThe latest lake water monitoring data shows that the water quality has improved considerably from levels seen this past summer. The secchi reading of 13.45′ shows the lake water is the clearest it has been for a few years. I attribute this change primarily to a large infusion of rain water earlier this month. The dissolved oxygen values at the surface and at 23 feet also show that the “fall turnover” has occurred. From late spring through the end of summer the water at the bottom of the lake are oxygen-deficient. Fall weather brings about a mixing of lake water.

FYI be advised that the buoys marking the ledges at the northwest end of the lake are gone. It turns out the 5 gallon jug I set had deteriorated from ultraviolet light and developed cracks, filled with water, and then sank in about a foot of water. The other marker that Brent Duncan set on the other end of the ledge went missing a few weeks ago. This late in the season it doesn’t make sense to replace them, so I pulled both anchors. The ledges are only covered by a couple of inches of water. They’re awash at 42″ below the top of the dam, as are a number of other rocks between the ledges and the shore. Careful out there.