20 April 2013: Upcoming Clary Lake Association Board Meeting

bored_meetingThe Board of the Clary Lake Association is holding their regularly scheduled spring board meeting this coming Saturday the 27th of April at 2 PM at the home of Ellis Percy. Agenda items include but are not limited to setting the date/time/place of the Annual meeting, selection of a nominating committee, fund raising ideas, and discussing the preparation of a formal offer on the dam. While the meeting is not open to the general public, Clary Lake Association members are welcome to sit in and watch the sausage being made.

If anyone is interested in taking a more active role in the Association, there are some great opportunities to do so and this is a great time! Never before have we needed an active and engaged membership than we do now. In addition to a Nominating committee (whose role is coming up with a slate of officers to be voted on at the Annual meeting) we will be also be forming a Membership committee and a Fund Raising committee.  Please contact the Clary Lake Association board if you’re interested in getting involved in any of these committees, or if you feel there is another way you can be of service.