19 June 2013: Tuesday morning confab at the dam

eyesThe Whitefield informant network is alive and well- little can transpire in the town of Whitefield that isn’t observed by at least one person who spends at least part of the day hanging out at the Whitefield Superette, drinking coffee and holding office. According to several reports, there was a gathering of folks at the dam for a couple of hours yesterday morning, from about 9 AM to a little after 11 AM. Paul Kelley and Richard Smith were there, and one or more people “from the state” judging from their description. They were reportedly standing on the road and pointing at the dam when observed by one passerby.

I suspect it was most likely Tony Fletcher, State Dam Inspector with the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) since according to Paul Kelley, he’s the only person in the State qualified to point at dams. Certainly nobody at DEP is qualified to point at dams. I’m not qualified to point at dams. Kelley can point at his dam of course.

I’ll try to confirm this but it sounds like Kelley managed to convince MEMA to come out and do another dam inspection, which is not really surprising considering the big stink Kelley created around this issue. I’ll simply remind everyone: the condition of the dam impounding Clary Lake is not relevant to the determination of a water level for the lake. Period. End of discussion.

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