18 October 2018: Clary Lake Dam Site Cleanup

IMG_20181018_101340We’ve only owned the Clary Lake dam for 5 days, and the clean up site work is done, thanks mostly to CLA Vice President Dave Knight and Member Tim Chase. They literally did 99% of the work! A few other people helped including myself, Ellis Percy, Malcolm Burson, and Mary Gingrow-Shaw. Great work everyone! Also thanks to Steve Cowles for letting stage on his property and pile brush and trees on his burn pile.


7 thoughts on “18 October 2018: Clary Lake Dam Site Cleanup

  1. Steve Cowles

    It looks great and ready for repairs. Do we have any word from Linkel on being able to start this Fall or not?
    I am going to come out the last week of November/first week of December to coordinate some construction on my property. I will likely also take care of the brush pile, feel free to stop by and enjoy the bonfire!

    1. George Fergusson Post author

      Hi Steve- Linkel Construction has every intention of getting on our project later this fall, and DEP is committed to seeing the lake level restored in time for the start of the upcoming open water season. We’re busy trying to pull all the pieces together to make it happen- permitting, money, etc.

      Let us know when you’re planning on burning and we’ll round up some people to come help 🙂

  2. George Fergusson Post author

    I tell ya, it’s pretty sketchy underneath the red building. I was last under there back in 1995 when Art Enos bought the dam from Chester Chase and hired Ron Bourassa to make some repairs. I’ve been thinking the building would be nice for the Association to own, but seeing what it looks like underneath and what’s holding it up… Now I’m not so sure. Seems like more of a hazard than an asset. I wonder what Richard Smith’s plans are for it?

    1. Steve Viti

      Wondering what the Readers Digest version for the history of the building is. Did anyone actually live in it and why was it built on the dam?

      1. George Fergusson Post author

        Well originally I understand it was to house men working at the Clary Mill. Albert Boynton was born in that read building back in the early 1920’s. Albert lives diagonally across the road from the dam in a white cape. More recently, Chester Chase used it as a real estate office back in the 70’s and 80’s then as some point he sold it to his nephew Stephen Smith (Jr.) who used it for a law office. It was sold by Smith to Pleasant Pond Mill LLC in 2006, around the same time PPM bought the dam.

  3. Peter Brush

    I stopped at the dam for a quick look the other day and was curious if the area just above and to the left of the pipe was the only area of concern, or if a more thorough tuckpoint/rehab was going to be required before the dam would be able to withstand the expected water forces on the upstream side of the dam.

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