18 May 2013: Fun and games launching boats

launching_boatI stopped by the State boat launch this morning to see what was going on. As I was arriving some folks were getting ready to leave, having given up on trying to get their boat in the lake. Understandable given that there are rocks sticking out of the water 20′ off the end of the ramp. They had a standard fiberglass bass boat- not a chance they could have gotten it off the trailer no matter how far they backed it in. Then a pickup pulled in hauling a 14″ aluminum boat about the size of mine; even with the trailer backed in off the end of the ramp the boat wasn’t touching the water. Only brute strength and sheer determination succeeded in them getting their boat in the water.

Later in the afternoon I decided to take my boat out for a spin, it has been a while and the water had receded quite a bit from my little dry-dock slip and I had trouble getting it into the water. Finally got her launched and was tootling across the lake when I noticed some people over at Art Enos’s place trying to get their boat in the water. They had a typical bass boat, fiberglass with a big motor and they were having trouble. They finally succeeded by backing into the water fast and then hitting the brakes; each time they did this, the boat slid a little further off the trailer. After 3 such attempts the boat finally floated free. Not what you call a convenient way to launch a boat… and they’re lucky they didn’t get their SUV stuck in the mud. Wish I’d had my camera….