18 July 2015: A few new historical photographs


Captioned on back, “Harold and me. Henry Clary’s cottage, Clary Lake”. This is Harold and Inez Carpenter, my great uncle and aunt. Inez was my Great Aunt Belle Douglas’s sister. Submitted by Steve Giampetruzzi. Click for a larger version.

Steven Giampetruzzi has uploaded two pictures to the site of historical interest, they are undated but appear to date from the early part of the last century, sometime after 1910. One photo in particular has piqued my curiosity, it shows what is described as “Henry Clary’s cottage, Clary Lake” (at left). Does anyone know where this might have been located? Henry Clary lived and owned property in Jefferson but I was unaware also had a place on Clary. I would very much like to know where this place was located.

0-023-291cfad29cfcae71267b5ca29be8f0e6bf71fe02The other picture (at left) shows Ed and Belle Douglas, Steven’s Great Uncle and Aunt in a boat on Clary Lake. What’s interesting to me about this picture is that it shows bushes sticking out of the water; the only way to explain this is if the water had recently been raised. The distant shore in the background looks like the hillside over by Duncan Road suggesting that this picture was taken near the Antognoni home which originally belonged to Robert Dow and his wife, Mildred who was a Douglas. Bob Dow had two daughters, Roberta who married Nino Giampetruzzi and is Steven Giametruzzi’s mother, and Arolyn, who married Robert Antognoni. Ed Douglass incidentally was the man who in 1922 sold my Grandfather the property I now live on. It’s all connected…

I’ve also added these new photographs to the Historical Photographs gallery. If you have any old pictures showing Clary Lake please consider sharing them with us by uploading them to the site. It’s so easy, a cave man could do it 🙂

Many thanks to Steve for uploading these pictures.

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