17 November 2015: New Clary WebCam added to the site



We now have a second web camera on Clary Lake! David Hodsdon decided he wanted to set up a web camera on his own shoreline so he bought one and today we got it hooked up and running. It’s identical to mine which made the back-end setup a breeze. The new camera is designated Clary Cam 2 (the original is Clary Cam 1) and it is attached to a tree on the shore about 150′ east of Hodsdon’s Point and it is looking directly towards the State boat launch which bears just about exactly East South East (114° True) from the camera. This means it will be capturing sunrises in the fall and spring as well as the occasional moon rise. Like the original camera, this one uploads a picture to the website every 2 minutes  from 4:00 AM until 9:58 PM every day and 7 days worth of images are stored in an archive that you can peruse with a browser.

I’ve made a new Clary Lake WebCams page that shows both current camera images side by side. You’ll find the page listed under the Pictures navigation menu heading. You can click on the pictures for full sized versions, or you can click on the Camera link at the top of each image and go to that camera’s own page.

Both cameras allow people to login to them to view remote, real-time video. See the individual Camera pages for Clary Cam 1 or Clary Cam 2 for instructions.