17 May 2013: Dam’s gate is closed.

kelley-headshot2Kelley finally closed the dam’s gate which has been wide open since last October 13th. Must have been done sometime today though I suppose it could have been late yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure what inspired this seemingly magnanimous gesture on Kelley’s part: concern over the drained wetlands? Not likely. Worry for lost wildlife habitat? Nah. Sadness over the unusable status of the State boat launch? Nope. You can be sure whatever reasons motivated him they were selfish and self-serving. He’ll get no thanks from me. The lake is down 56″ below the top of the dam and the crime has been committed. I suppose we should be grateful that Kelley has closed the gate but I’m still angry with him for draining the lake in the first place. Call me ungrateful but in my book it’s too little, too late.

11 thoughts on “17 May 2013: Dam’s gate is closed.

  1. George Fergusson Post author

    Wandered down to the shore this morning to take in the sunrise and noticed that the lake has stopped falling and in fact appears to have started to rise again. That is a welcome change.

  2. Colin Caissie

    Well, the first responsible act I’ve heard of from our favorite Eco-terrorist.


  3. mgingrowsh

    I can see my comment about my comments disappearing, but I also had commented on this post on Friday (I said yippee! or something to that effect), but I don’t see that comment here anymore.

    1. George Fergusson Post author

      I dunno Mary. I get emails of all comments (and I keep most of them) and I don’t find one matching that description. That said, I vaguely remember such a comment.. You should just say “Yippee” again and we’ll try and keep track of it.

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