17 August 2021: Milfoil Returns to Cobbossee Lake

Variable Leaf Milfoil, Pleasant Pond, Litchfield Maine.

Eurasian Water-Milfoil was discovered in  Cobbossee Lake in 2018 (see our post dated August 8, 2018: “Invasive Milfoil Confirmed in Cobbosseecontee Lake“). The following year Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection treated several areas of the lake with an herbicide in an attempt to kill off the invasive plant. They were optimistic that the treatment would be successful because the infestation was limited (so they thought) to roughly an acre between the north shore and Island Park. Sadly, the following year Milfoil was again discovered in several areas adjacent to the original infestation, which is where this Central Maine Papers newspaper article picks up. Please read it! It paints an ugly but accurate picture of  the situation they’re facing trying to eradicate this unwanted aquatic plant:

There are currently 31 lakes in Maine infested with one or more varieties of invasive aquatic plant. Here’s a great interactive ArcGIS map showing the lakes in Maine currently infested with one or more invasive aquatic plants:

The Clary Lake Association has developed a Courtesy Boat Inspection program and is actively working on setting up an Invasive Plant Patrol program for Clary Lake precisely  to avoid the unpleasant fate that has befallen Cobbossee and so many other lakes in Maine. Preventing the introduction of invasive aquatic plants into a lake is a lot easier than trying to get rid of them once you’ve got them. Vigilance is required, and the time to act is NOW, before there’s a problem. If you’re interested in helping out with our efforts to protect and preserve Clary Lake, please contact us.