17 April 2013: Pleasant Pond Mill LLC Comments to DEP regarding the Bathymetric Survey, I think.

cliff-coyote_0At 10 minutes before 5 PM today, Melissa O’neal, Administrative assistant for Tony Buxton filed 4 documents with DEP and the Service List that were shortly before forwarded to her by Paul A. Kelley acting on behalf of Pleasant Pond Mill LLC… Got that? So while this communication has all the appearance of propriety for having passed through the Law offices of PretiFlaherty, this stuff was not prepared by a lawyer. I don’t think a lawyer even waved at it on the way by, more or less confirming my suspicions that Tony Buxton is counsel in name only for Pleasant Pond Mill LLC and Aquafortis Associates. Then again, none of my stuff is prepared by a lawyer…

So without further preamble, here they are. They consist of one 4 page letter to Heather Parent and 3 other documents apparently the results of the Freedom of Access action I mentioned a week or two ago. Document #2 (below) is so heavily redacted as to be virtually meaningless 🙂

  1. Kelley’s Comments to Heather Parent
  2. FOAA Document #1 (this link was initially boogered and has been repaired).
  3. FOAA Document #2
  4. FOAA Document #3

The only thing that jumps out at me right off is that the FOA request was supposedly brought by Aquafortis Associates LLC and if that is the case, then how did Pleasant Pond Mill LLC end up with the documents??? I’m confused!

I have not tried to decipher any of these documents. More to follow.

2 thoughts on “17 April 2013: Pleasant Pond Mill LLC Comments to DEP regarding the Bathymetric Survey, I think.

  1. Colin Caissie

    I read through the baroque letter from Kelly from O’Neal @ PretiFlaherty. So there’s objection based in the idea that the info generated by the Bathymetric Survey is invalid because the “hearing and record” are closed.

    We can see that Paul Kelley’s world is closing around his neck when he’s resorting to “arguing about the argument”. This rewsembles the Global Climate Change issue where deniers (those whose corporate interests are in jeopardy) are incapable of refuting the science, and are fighting a controversy battle that only delays and damages the real world.

    I guess this is what the intellectual mind is capable of….. “proving” things one way or another, and remaining ignorant of the essence of the matter. His arguments completely ignore what this is actually about, and instead suggest where Mr. Kelley’s interests and motives are.

    Most importantly, we are reminded of what is important regarding the health of our lake, and to remember that Mr. Kelley is “pouring from the empty into the void”. Sadly, In this crazy world, he could succeed if he’s “clever” enough.


  2. George Fergusson Post author

    Well thank you Colin for producing the first and likely the only serious comment on this matter. I have sat down to try several times but have been unable to write about it. Kelley’s “pouring from the empty into the void” leaves me with a head ache and I’m sure I’m not alone.

    But I disagree on the possible outcome of his strategy. The only thing Kelley will succeed at doing is further alienating himself which is hard to believe considering how far down that road he’s already traveled.

    When you can’t dispute the facts, you attack the process, the rules, the law. You claim it’s unfair, biased. Kelley has never been able to dispute the facts in this case and he certainly hasn’t started now with this rambling, incomprehensible diatribe. Ravaged ground in deed.

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