17 April 2013: Petitioner’s Comments on Clary Lake Procedural Order #5: Bathymetric Survey

16: 4-30-1967-bw-aerial-8pctThis afternoon I completed and emailed my comments on the bathymetric survey to the Service List. My response consists of 2 files, a 6 page letter and an appendix with 18 photographs. Because the appendix is large (2.3 megabytes) I’ve added it to Google Drive and have provided links below. At this point I doubt anyone else is going to submit comments on the survey but I remain prepared to be surprised. I’ve posted the documents at these links:

The photographs included in the appendix are also available for viewing and download (with descriptions somewhat truncated for online formatting) here:

It pained me to take issue with the Department’s survey results.

Google Drive Links if the above give you trouble: