16 August 2015: For waterfront owners on Clary Lake in Jefferson, the water has been lacking

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Stanely Whittier and his daughter Jane Roy on the shore of Clary Lake. Photo courtesy of Central Maine Papers.

Paul Koenig, Staff Writer with the Central Maine Papers has written another great article on the Clary Lake water level crisis. Koenig interviewed Stanley Whittier, his daughter Jane Roy, and recently elected Clary Lake Association President Malcolm Burson. Koenig also talked with Keel Kemper, wildlife biologist with the Department of Inland  Fisheries and Wildlife. Department of Environmental Protection spokesperson David Madore declined to answer any questions, citing the ongoing litigation. Koenig also interviewed dam owner Paul Kelley who said that if the state ever attempts to enforce the water level order, the outcome will be the state ending up taking over ownership of the dam. I for one don’t have a problem with that.

IMG_20150812_113907Paul Koenig and I arranged to meet later that day after he completed his interview with Stanley Whittier and Jane Roy. I gave him the 50¢ tour of Clary Lake and its sorry environs which included a visit to the totally IMG_20150812_124046useless State boat launch (left) and a hike out to view the vast drained wetland at the northwest end of the lake (right). I took him out to stand next to the channel, and it was perfectly clear from the IMG_20150812_115634still water that there is no water flowing out of the lake at this time. The last picture (bottom left) shows Paul Koenig talking with Association President Malcolm Burson on his and Eleanor Goldberg’s so-called beach.