15 August 2013 Lincoln County News: DEP and DLWA discover hydrilla outside Cranberry Cove

2009hydrillacroppedneansAn article in this week’s Lincoln County News reports that the DEP and DLWA (Damariscotta Lake Watershed Association) representatives have found the invasive plant hydrilla outside the cove in which they had hoped it had been confined. Hydrilla which is one of the most notorious of the invasive plant species found in Maine was discovered in Damariscotta Lake some years ago. Efforts have been underway to confine and remove the plant. This is the first time the plant has been found outside the confinement area since 2009. The thumbnail at left is a stock photo of hydrilla which looks a lot like the common, non-invasive plant of species Elodea which is found in Clary Lake.

DEP and DLWA discover hydrilla outside Cranberry Cove

This is disturbing news because Damariscotta Lake is only a few miles down the road. We’ll be posting more information about invasive plants in the very near future.